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Terms of Use

These terms and conditions govern the relationship with the users of the website https://birds-breeders.com, hereinafter referred to as " site " arising in the provision and use of services .

" User" within the meaning of these terms and conditions is a person who is registered with a unique username and password to the site or the services with free access .

User accepts the terms and conditions by completing the registration form for a unique username and password to the site and press the button " REGISTRATION breeders " or if the services with free access .

Rights and obligations of the site
  The site offers services "AS IS" and is not responsible for the reliability of their operation, the number and type of included features, terms of access to services , assistance and instructions and any other parameters .

site has the right to change the technology and design of services provided without prior notification.
The site has the right at its sole discretion limit access to all or part of the services and terminate their use by the individual or all users.
The site has the right to close and / or delete information / profile of any user in its sole discretion and without revision.
The site has the right to carry any penalties associated with services provided , if they received a request from the designated authorities or has reasonable grounds to believe that a user has violated the terms and conditions , distribute unsolicited advertising or use your account for illegal purposes or contrary to public morality.
The site has the right to display, send , load, execute , display etc. any promotional materials of its users. the content of all ads, and trademarks , which they concern , the sole responsibility of the advertisers .

site can not be held under any circumstances , including [ but not exclusively ] negligence, for any direct , indirect , incidental, special or consequential damages arising from use or inability to use all or part of system for technical reasons , regardless of the circumstances that led to this - technical problems , technical maintenance, management decisions and more.
  Unvisited profiles will be removed at the discretion of the site.
  The fact that the site is connected to the Internet and should work in a technical environment of the network determine the inability to ensure that the flow of information to and from the site will be monitored and recorded by third parties.
This site is not responsible for the content of electronic communications transported through his services. site is not responsible for the actions of its users and , even if they have used the services of the website in lawful or unlawful according to the General Conditions .

site may collect , store, process and use data on the use of the service of all its users and for the purpose of elimination of problems in computer systems , providing protection against unauthorized intrusion into foreign user accounts for the purpose of advertising.
For the provision of their services site collect, process , use and store personal data and user- provided e-mail addresses and the number of notification devices . This information is entered by yourself with the express consent , resulting in the use of a combination of a username and password during data entry .
Diagnostic and statistical purposes , for maintenance of certain features and services for the needs of advertising , the site collects information that by itself can not identify a specific individual - date / time of visits to the mailbox , IP address , type of operating system , resolution , browser type, last visited site and others .

Information identifying a specific user and contained in the database of the site can not be provided to third parties , unless required by the designated authorities or in accordance with Bulgarian law.
For purposes of advertising , as well as sociological and statistical purposes , the site may provide aggregated information that can not be linked to a specific user or lead to its identification .
Site can notify users and those who have expressed an explicit desire and voluntarily provided their email address on the site or forum at of updates through newsletters and other similar practices that send messages and / or emails to multiple recipients .
Site Links can refer to other Internet addresses that do not work under these terms and conditions. This site is not responsible for content outside the domain "birds-breeders.com".

Rights and obligations of the user
  The user may use the services of the site in accordance with these terms and conditions .
    User is fully responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your username and password and for all activities that occur through use.
    The user is required to enter any requested personal data such as personally responsible before the law for all acts committed by the site's services .
    The user has the right to access information that is entered and the right opportunity for correction.
    The user may request deletion of available his personal information identifying him as an individual, but it will include the closure of account used by him . For this purpose, to prove that he sign up by sending all the information entered during registration.
    User agrees that part of the site staff , depending on their duties , have access to some or all of the following information : profile , mailing address, data , content, messages , etc. . , But is not allowed to disclose / distributed except as permitted in these Terms of cases.
    User is responsible for all attempts to gain unauthorized access to the Site or foreign user profiles, data and other information , as well as all attempts to deliberate release of viruses , Trojans, spam and other computer programs designed to cause any harm.
    User may not use the services / equipment on the site for sending advertising or other messages that recipients refused . The same applies to the so-called . " postal bombs " and other forms of harm aimed at using the profile and / or email.
    User expressly acknowledges and agrees that the site is not responsible for the surly , annoying , irritating or illegal conduct of any of its users. The same applies to the material which is located on the pages of the site provided by any user .

These Terms are binding for both the site and its users. All are considered informed and consent to any changes in the conditions of the date of their publication on the website. In the application and interpretation of these terms and conditions apply to the Bulgarian legislation .


Politics storage and use of personal data in birds-breeders.com
   Here you can find the policy for storage and use of personal data in birds-breeders.com. In the event of significant changes will be notified on that of your E-mail address or by a notice on the website.

Protection of personal data is a top priority for birds-breeders.com. birds-breeders.com adhere to the following principles :
(a ) birds-breeders.com shall not disclose , rent or sell your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes ;
( b ) birds-breeders.com undertakes not to disclose washata personal information to others without explicit consent washeto .

During the registration of was required to provide : name , surname , e-mail address, username, password , and any other additional information about you .

account information
After registration , you can provide additional information . The introduction of the additional information is not required.

Information sending invitations
When sending an invitation , you enter e-mail address . This information is used to send the invitation and will not be used in any other way .

Cookies and Log Files
birds-breeders.com uses cookies and log files. The information is used to improve and personalize the services provided birds-breeders.com

For the operation of the service required communication between you and birds-breeders.com through your e -mail.

Changing personal information
You can , at any time , view and edit the information and settings of your profile. Also, if you wish you may cancel your account at any time. To do so , please contact us .

Questions and suggestions
If you have questions or suggestions about the site birds-breeders.com you can contact us via any of the methods in the contact page .